ARTECH processes all materials:

Standard materials:

NR, SBR, NBR, CR (e.g. Neoprene)

Performance material:

EPDM, Silicone, Fluorsilicone, HNBR

High Performance materials:

FPM, FKM(Viton®), Aflas®, FFKM/Perfluorelastomeren (alternative for Kalrez®, Perlast®, Parofluor®)

Semi elastomeres:

TPE, Santoprene®, Polyurethane

Specific Compounds

If needed Artech can develop Specific Compounds for you or in cooperation with you:

Improved mechanical properties (compression set, tear strength, rolling resistance etc.)
Excellent adhesion of rubber to metal or plastic
Higher temperature resistance
Improved chemical resistance

Materials for specific segments like

  • Food (FDA or EC 1935)
  • Healthcare or Pharma (USP VI)
  • High purity materials with low gassing
  • Artech offers you an advantage in possibilities, speed and manufacturability