Choice of production methods

To make the best possible products at the lowest cost with flexibility in delivery time, Artech uses three production methods. We work with conventional or Compression Moulding, Transfer-injection and injection moulding. Each of these methods has its own specific advantages. The option to choose gives Artech Rubber the possibility to make the most beneficiary choice for our customers. Of course, it is also possible to change the production method as the series size increases or decreases.

Compression Moulding

This is the most conventional way of producing and has the advantage of limited customer investment costs and a quick production start-up. Using Compression Moulding techniques allows us to handle perfectly fine high quality and costly materials that are difficult to process.

Transfer Injection

With Transfer Injection, the advantages lie in the area of specific tolerances and the possibility to transfer rubber into places where it is needed .

Injection Moulding

The automatic injection of rubber into the mold by means of an automated process means that the initial investment costs are somewhat higher. However, with larger series this results in a significant reduction of the production lead time. This in its turn lowers the cost price of the product and the higher initial investments can be earned back relatively quickly.

Artech also has a choice of machines that can run semi fully automatically and machines that can operate completely unmanned. Depending on the batch size and the product type, we make the optimum choice for you.

Our machine park


Our experienced and qualified employees make technical rubber mold products from small to very large. With our 55 presses and various production techniques we can make any desired mold part in nearly all materials. Our smaller and accurate presses are suitable for making closely tolerated parts. The larger presses with a maximum surface area of 1200 by 1200 mm make excellent products of larger dimensions.

Because we can apply different production techniques, Artech is able to quickly and flexibly plan small batches as well as producing larger series more efficiently and therefor more cost-effectively for our customers.

Compound preparation and -mixing

With our rolls of different sizes we can prepare compound, but also adapt it to specific wishes and / or requirements of our customer or the application. Our Rubber Technologist has the necessary experience and expertise to adapt or develop compounds.

In addition, Artech works with a number of leading compounders to ensure that we can select or develop the best compounds for your applications. Here too we are fast and flexible because we can do a lot in-house.

In-house Mold Workshop

With our own in-house tooling and mold work shop making we expand our competence: own toolmaking, compound preparation / -mixing and production under one roof.

In our own mold workshop we can turn, mill, spark erode, drill and tap. Everything needed to make good molds. Of course our machines are CNC-controlled, which guarantees the right precision. With the knowledge of the processing of rubber, different production techniques and our own mold workshop, Artech offers a clear advantage: head start through possibilities, speed and manufacturability. This advantage means for the customer that we can change the production method quickly and offer an optimal price-performance ratio.

  • Artech offers you an advantage in possibilities, speed and manufacturability