Artech Rubber has good contacts with the polymer manufacturers, so that we are always informed about the latest developments. We work closely with suppliers of compounds and guarantee the right compound for your specific application.

In a new development, Artech will develop the products and produce a trial series. After approval by the customer, we start mass production.

For large quantities, we manufacture a multi-series tool, which is used after approval by the customer in the most optimal production method (multiple injection or multiple compression). In this way, Artech can keep up with the customer's requirements. Therefore the customer can distribute the investments and limit working capital.

The final inspection is always the last step before shipping. Finally, we offer various services in the area of coating and packaging and we can create a specific stock for you.

At ARTECH Zero-defect or 100% control is possible through the use of automatic control machines.

  • Artech offers you an advantage in possibilities, speed and manufacturability