ARTECH offers a broad and deep sealing program:

Technical rubber molded parts, Rubber-metal connections and Sealing rings and O-rings.

We have our own mold making and take care of the design and layout of the molds in-house. For specials we have our own mixing of compounds. In addition, we work together with a wide range of compounders and we have direct access to several Polymer manufacturers.

Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing

With our knowledge and experience we are able to quickly determine the right form and select the right material for your application. If you involve ARTECH early in the process, we gain valuable development time.

With Rapid Prototyping we can quickly deliver a test product. Using 3D printing of rubbery prototypes and 3D modeling of rubber prototypes, we deliver a concrete molded part early in the process. Rapid Manufacturing in our own mold manufacturing, mixing and production means that you will soon have your first series available.

Our experienced and qualified employees serve over 50 presses and 2 rollers and produce small O-rings into large products on the press with the bed of 1200 x 1200 mm.

We work with Compression, Transfer and Injection Molding and use automatic import and export where possible to increase production and cost efficiency.

  • Artech offers you an advantage in possibilities, speed and manufacturability